10 Gifts for 'HIM' this Valentine's Day

In this Season of love, you are confused to gift your tough guy isn't it?. He has too many hobbies and it can be difficult to cope up with his interests. We got you, Make your man feel special this occasion with unique gifts from UNISO. We promise! It won’t burn your wallet.

Here are a few gifts from UNISO to give your man this Valentine's Day. Look who is winning the "Best Girlfriend" title this year.

  • BAGS

Big bags and suitcases are old-school and not his style? Gift a trendy UNISO Bag for your fashion guy. He can carry all his essentials perfectly either to his work or on a vacation trip. It is multi-purpose and sporty. Your valentine definitely need not sacrifice his style for the utility.

Prices starting from ₹ 1499


Shades can be a perfect gift for your rugged guy. These are the go to essentials for him every day. It’s stylish, long-lasting and awesome. Also, it won’t break your budget. Your partner will rock them all day and every day.

Prices starting from ₹ 499


Who doesn't love listening to music? Headphones are the most essential thing in day-to-day life. They are always special. Get your loved one a stylish headphone from UNISO. He's going to flaunt them in his gym, work and where not?

Prices starting from ₹ 1199


Coffee in a good sipper mug is like a warm hug. Give him a fresh start to his day with this super comfy sipper mug from UNISO. Bonus! His day will begin thinking about you.

Prices starting from ₹ 219


Gifting watches can never go wrong. Watches are one of a kind gift. It's always going to make your loved one feel special, no matter the price. Watches will remind your partner the times you both spent together. It's going to last with for a lifetime.

Prices starting from ₹ 999


Journals can be a personal and more meaningful gift for your partner. It will remind him of your interest to stay in his life and that it's worth noting your love story down.

Prices starting from ₹ 299


Is your partner travelling all the time? Stay connected with your dear one during his travels. Yes! Gift him a power bank this occasion. Make him smile in all his odd times. He’ll thank you later. UNISO's power banks are simple, stylish and is of high functionality making it a perfect gift for your partner. Prices starting from ₹ 1499


Is your man an audiophile? Love's road trips and a travel freak? Then there is no other gift better than speakers. UNISO's speakers are compact, stylish and he can carry them in style both indoors and outdoors!

Prices starting from ₹ 1445


Key Chains are small and fantastic gifts for all occasions. It will remind him of you and this special day everyday. He'll rock these throughout the year.

Prices starting from ₹ 749


Looking for a gift to give your traveler valentine? Gift him a travel essential from UNISO. Travel pillow is one of the most comforting gifts for a travel lover. Save him from his jet lag.

Prices starting from ₹ 499

This Valentine's Day, gifting is not something you are going to be worried about. Checkout UNISO's wide range of fashionable products to make your man feel more loved.

Our stores are available at: Kolkata, Bangalore and Jodhpur.

Visit us at: https://www.unisoindia.com/ to explore more gifts for your Valentine.

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